Los Angeles

Los Angeles (Jan 17 - 19)

We stayed three nights in Los Angeles, partly to get over our jet lag and partly to do a couple of things we had wanted to do in the past.

The first place we visited was the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, just north of Los Angeles.

The main entrance

Kris meets The Reagans

A reproduction of The Oval Office as it was when Reagan was President

SAM 27000, used as Air Force 1 by Nixon, Reagan and others until it was retired in 2001, when it was restored and moved to The Reagan Library

A piece of the Berlin Wall, which Reagan is credited with bringing down, although it actually happened while George Bush 41 was President

Ronnie and Nancy ("Mommy", as he called her) together again

The view from the Library towards The Pacific, on a rather misty day

On our final day, we visited The Getty Museum, which is perhaps the most famous art museum in Los Angeles.

The Getty Art Museum

There's a nice view of Los Angeles, especially on a clear and windy day

All the art is European and there are a wide range of styles.

This is a nautical scene by Turner  dated 1844

A classical nude by Bouguereau dated 1880

"Irises" by Van Gogh (1889), at one time the most expensive painting in the world

After leaving The Getty Museum, we drove down to Venice Beach for a farewell drink and to watch the sun setting over The Pacific.

The sun sets over The Pacific

On the following day (very early) we flew from LAX to Orlando and home !