Mui Ne and Dalat

Mui Ne (May 18 & 19)

Once we left the city, the four hour drive to Mui Ne took us through some very pretty scenery. Mui Ne is a coastal resort town popular with surfers and wind surfers between August and December when it's windy. The hotels, restaurants and shops are located on a main road stretching for about five miles. May is an off season month popular with Russian tourists looking for an inexpensive holiday in the sun. The better restaurants were empty and the low end restaurants catered to Russians with signage and menus in Russian. We stayed two nights which was just long enough to enjoy the beautiful beach and visit the red sand dunes and the small fishing village that was Mui Ne before the resorts were built.

Our hotel, The Allez Boo Resort . This photo was taken from the restaurant showing part of the pool and the beach.

Grounds of the Allez Boo Resort

More of the Allez Boo Resort

Mui Ne Bay taken from the old fishing village

The older part of Mui Ne is to the far right and top of the picture

Mui Ne is famous for its red sand dunes

More red sand dunes

Dalat (May 20)

After leaving Mui Ne, we headed into the mountains to Dalat a hill station built during French colonial times and now a popular honeymoon resort.

A view of Dalat from our hotel, the Dalat Palace

A happy couple pose in the Valley of Love park

Dalat Botanical Gardens

Camly Water Fall

We toured the Summer Palace of King Bao Bai  who was the last King of Vietnam.  Very Art Deco!

The summer Palace was built in 1937  and for the most part was used as a private residence.

Photography was not allowed inside the palace, but this official photograph gives some idea of the look of the place