October 12

We flew from Leeds Bradford to Vienna and took the train into the city center. Our hotel was the Erzhergog Rainier. We spent the next three days walking and riding around the city, admiring the many wonderful and historic buildings.

The Opera House

St. Stephan's Church

A quiet square

On Sunday evening, we went to the Volksoper Theater, to see "Cabaret". Of course, it was in German ! We should have known ! Fortunately, we knew the story and as it's a musical, it wasn't too hard to follow.

The Volksoper, Vienna (not our photograph, I'm afraid)

The cast of Cabaret

On Sunday, we went for lunch to The Palmhaus, a famouse restuarant which is inside a greenhouse.

The Palmenhaus, Vienna

On Monday,  last day, we visited the Schonbrunn Palace, started in 1643 and extended in 1750. We toured the grounds and the interior, but photographs are not allowed inside.

The Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

The grounds at the rear of The Place, from a window balcony

On Tuesday, we visited the Kunsthisorishe Museum of Fine Art, which was (and is) a splendid building in it's own right.

The Kunsthisorishe Museum of Fine Art

Even the cafe (which is really a restaurant) was spectacular.

The Cafe - Restaurant at the The Kunsthisorishe Museum of Fine Art

This was our last day in Vienna and the next day we moved on to Budapest, Hungary