Caribbean Cruise Jan 2015

Fort Lauderdale to Mahahual, Costa Maya, Mexico (Jan 26 - Jan 28)

This was a five night cruise to the Western Caribbean on board the Caribbean Princess. Our main reason for going was to spend time with our old friends John & Shelley.

First drink of the cruise - waiting to depart from Fort Lauderdale

We left Fort Lauderdale on Monday January 26th around 5:00 pm and cruised to Mexico, passing Cuba in the distance.  Next time, I bet we will be stopping in Havana!

The "Caribbean Princess" docked in Cozumel.

The ship was fairly "glitzy"  although some of the spaces were more refined.

The center of the ship were all the public facilities were located - known as "The Piazza"

The second night was "formal night". We did our bit to get dressed up.

"Formally" dressed - waiting in the lounge to go in for dinner

Mahahual, Costa Maya (Jan. 28)

Our first stop was Mahahual, a small town just north of Belize, which has been developed as a stop for cruise ships. We disembarked:

Paul ,    John ,   Shelley,    Theresa,   Kristine

We took a taxi to a beach resort about 20 minutes away, where we were planning to spend the day.

It was a very pretty spot, with a nice breeze coming off the seas and we settled in for the day

The view from the restaurant

The view from the ocean

Paul,  Kris,  John,   Shelley,   Karen

Kristine about to work on her tan

"The girls" or "John's Harem" as they are sometimes known.

After a very pleasant day at the beach and a relaxed lunch, we headed back to the ship for a 5:30 departure.

Cozumel  (Jan 29)

Once we had docked in Cozumel, we split up. Paul went sailing on a 12 meter "Americas Cup" sailboat and everyone else rented a car and took off around the island.

The two boats had both been used in the 1987 Americas Cup races and were well matched. 

The two 12 meter yachts at anchor. Mine was the one on the left the "Stars and Stripes"

Most of the "crew" had never sailed before and didn't plan on sailing on this trip either. The guy in the red cap is the captain, who is a professional sailor.

That's me in the blue shirt!

Fortunately, the wind and the weather were perfect and we had a really good sail. We even beat the other boat! 

Kristine and the rest of the party took off driving around the island, stopping along the way for drinks and lunch.

The first stop was the Paradise Beach

There were all sorts of water toys to play on, but none of our group participated. They just enjoyed watching

Theresa, Karen, Shelley and Kris posing by the pool (but not going in)

Theresa on the beach

They stopped by some dramatic rocks with the sea crashing over them.  John and Kris are climbing up the rocks at the right of the picture.

Dramatic waves crashing on the rocks

Cozumel to Fort Lauderdale (Jan 29 - 31)

After leaving Cozumel,  we settled down for the return cruise home, enjoying shows in the theater and a late night in the nightclub, Skywalkers.

Waiting for show to start

Skywalkers Nightclub

Our favorite drink (and 2 for 1 at that time of the night)

Shelley was having fun

And so were we- after several drinks.

Then off to bed and back to Fort Lauderdale and home