Fantasy Fest, Key West 2010

Fantasy Fest is an annual event held in Key West, Florida, which usually coincides with Halloween. Although we have been to Key West several times, we had never been to Fantasy Fest, which is somewhat infamous in Florida. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained ! We drove down to Punta Gorda the night before and stayed at a friends house and next day took the ferry from Fort Myers to Key West, saving a lot of driving time.

By the time we arrived in Key West around noon, the party was in full swing, although it didn't really get going until the evening, when Duval Street was closed and becane one big street party. There was a small parade in the early evening but the "big" parade was the next day, so we just enjoyed the show.

Friday evening in Key West - the party starts

The next night (Saturday night) was the final parade and people in costumes and body paint were everywhere. Even we got into the act !

Officer Naughty and her wicked prisoner

You get the general idea !

The Dry Tortugas

Next day (Sunday) we were surprisingly sober and headed out to seeĀ  The Dry Tortugas, a small group of islands about fifty miles from Key West, which were once used as a fortress and then as a prison after the Civil War. Now it's a National Park. It badly needs repair and much of the original history of the place is still missing, but it's a beautiful spot and very peaceful.

By now Fantasy Fest was over. We spent the next day (Monday) visiting the Mel Fisher Museum (no pictures allowed) and The Hemingway House (also no pictures allowed) before taking the ferry back to Fort Myers and then back to Orlando.