Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (July 4-6)

We flew from Orlando to Dublin on Aer Lingus and took the bus to Belfast. Easier said than done, but we made it in the end.

While in Belfast, we visited a couple of the tourist sights that we had never been too on previous visits. Our first stop was "The Dark Hedges".

The Dark Hedges

Featured in many TV programs because it looks spooky (especially at night). "Game of Thrones" used it extensively.

Then on to "The Giants Causeway".  Supposedly built by one giant and then destroyed by another, in legend it went all the way to England. In reality, they are basalt columns and there are about 40,000 of them.

The Giants Causeway

Kristine and Jenny at the Giants Causeway

Sarah took us for a drink and a snack at the Titanic Hotel. This used to be the offices for Harland and Wolff and the bar used to be the Drawing Office where the Titanic was designed.

The Titanic Hotel Bar now

And when it was the Drawing Office for Harland and Wolff

That evening, we all went out for dinner at Ora, a trendy downtown Belfast restaurant.

Jenny, Emma and Sarah at Ora