Yorkshire Dales May 2017

Yorkshire Dales 

After a very busy trip to Israel, we spent a few days in Yorkshire meeting old friends and doing a bit of sightseeing.


We stayed in a small cottage, the Jenny Wren, which was located on the road leading to the Church.

Jenny Wren Cottage

Although we must have driven through Middleham hundreds of times over the years, we had never been to the church before.

World of James Herriot, Thirsk (May 18)

Thirsk Marketplace

Although some of it seemed familiar, there was much about the house that was either new or which we had forgotten

The Dining Room

The kitchen

A reconstructed air shelter in the basement of the house

The rear of the house with a recently installed statue of Alf Wight

A reproduction of the film studio where the TV series was filmed. The original would have been in Birmingham

The (restored) Austin 7 used in the TV series

Castle Howard  (May 18)

Although the name and building are very familiar, I have no recollection of ever having visited Castle Howard. Perhaps as I child we went there, but it was all new to me and to Kris when we visited.

Castle Howard 

The main stairway

A public hallway

The main dome in the center of the building

The music room

The Blue Room

The Grand Hall

The spectacular Pre-Raphaelite Chapel, with designs by William Morris and Burne-Jones

The Gardens from the main house