Nevada and Utah

Nevada and Utah

The Hoover Dam

Las Vegas was a short drive from Lake Havasu, so we stopped at the Hoover Dam, which has changed dramatically over the years. When I first came here  in 1970's the road actually wound down the side of the valley and crossed over the dam. After 9/11, there were security checks before crossing the dam.  We could also see a bridge being built. The next time we came, the bridge had been built and we may have crossed it. Now there is a Visitors Center, a parking garage and a restaurant.

The dam in the foreground, the bridge in the background.  The Visitors Center is the brown circular building with the green roof. (It was closed) . Parking is the stepped structure to the left of the Visitors Center.

The road was the original main road which crossed the dam.

The dam seen from the bridge. The water levels are VERY low.

Las Vegas - April 29

We have visited Las Vegas several times before, but this time, for one night only, we stayed at The Venetian Hotel, the second biggest hotel in the world, second only to The Venetian in Macau. None of the Las Vegas shows were operating, so we never actually left the hotel , which was over the top!

We didn't gamble (well, $5.00 in a slot machine - which we lost)  but casinos are always amazing places.

Kanab, Utah - April 30 , May 1

We had planned three nights in Kanab so we could visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but we discovered that the North Rim wouldn't open for another two weeks, so cut back to two. That allowed us to spend part of the first day and all of the second day in Zion National Park, one of our favorites.

Zion National Park

I first came to Zion in 1977 and I was a little thinner in those days.  (I always thought this picture was taken in Zion but closer inspection reveals it was actually The Grand Canyon. However, I DID climb to Angels Flight and I have a picture to prove it.)

Good legs and how about those shorts?

The view from Angels Landing. It was a hard climb even in 1977

So back to 2021:

Zion is just so spectacular.

We rode the tram to the end of the valley and then walked the easy 1.9 mile Riverside trail.

Yes, that's Kris with the hat.

At the end of the trail, The Narrows begin and those more intrepid than ourselves can wade up the river in very cold water.

Heading up The Narrows. We watched from dry land

After our hike, we had lunch at the Zion Lodge - only take out and not very good, but it kept us going. Then we walked the Lower Emerald Pools trail, which was actually more difficult and disappointing, because the pools were essentially dry and there was no waterfall. Never mind. The park was still spectacular.

We drove back to Kanab and the next day headed back into Arizona.